Top Indie Film Awards

(Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best V.F.X.)


(Best Live Action Sci-Fi Short, Best Sci-Fi Trailer, Directors’ Choice Award)

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival

(Best Director)

Action On Film Festival

(Best V.F.X. - Short)

Genre Celebration Festival

(Best V.F.X.)

Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival Award

(Best Editing, Best V.F.X.)

VAIFF - Various Artists independent Film Festival

(Best TV/Web Drama)

Universal Film Festival

(Best Producer)

KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival

(Best WebSeries / New Media, Best Sci-Fi Short)

US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Award

(Outstanding Short Film, Outstanding Up & Comer Actor, Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Editing, Outstanding V.F.X.)

The Hollywood Hills Awards

(Best Cinematographer)

Los Angeles CineFest

(Best WebSeries, Best Film Score, Best Trailer)

The Wayward Festival

(Best TV Pilot, Best Sci-Fi short)

Miami Web Series Festival

(Best Trailer, Best Music, Best Sci-Fi)



Los Angeles Film Awards

(Best Sci-Fi, Best Trailer)

Top Shorts - Online Film Festival

(Best Sci-Fi, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Editing,

Honorable Mention: Score, Best V.F.X.)

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

(Best Trailer, Best Editing, Best V.F.X.)

L.A. Shorts Awards

(Best TV Pilot, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Score, Best V.F.X.)

Mindfield Film Festival • Los Angeles

(Best TV Pilot, Best Trailer, Best Director, Best Editing, Best V.F.X.)

Festigious Film Festival • Los Angeles

(Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, Best Narrative Short, Best Web Series, Best Sci-Fi, Best Trailer, Honorable Mention: Score)

Actors Awards Los Angeles

(Best Actor in Sci-Fi)

Accolade Global Film Competition

(Award of Merit: Television – Pilot Program)

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood

(Award of Merit)

Best Shorts Competition

(Award of Merit: Television – Pilot Program, Award of Merit: Film Short, Award of Excellence: Movie Trailer)

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival

(Best TV Pilot, Best Trailer)

NYC Indie Film Awards

(Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Editing, Best V.F.X.)

Austin  Revolution Film Festival

(Best Trailer)

Film Miami Fest / Best Shorts Worldwide

(Best Trailer, Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy)

World Premiere Film Awards

(Best Trailer)

The IndieFest Film Awards

(Award of Excellence: Movie Trailer, Award of Merit Special Mention: Television - Pilot Program)

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

(Award of recognition: Best Sci-Fi Short)

Depth Of Field International Film Festival

(Award of Merit: Sci-Fi, Award of Merit: Original Concept - Webisode Pilot, Award Of Merit: Director,

Award Of Excellence: Cinematography, Award Of Excellence: Editing, Award Of Outstanding Excellence: VFX)

United International Film Festival

(Best V.F.X, Best Trailer)

Universal Film Festival

(Best Film, Best Cinematography)

Official Latino Short Film Festival

(Out Of This World Award: Best Sci-fi)

Hollywood Hills Awards

(Best Sci-Fi Short Film, Best New Media Series, Best Cinematographer)

VAIFF - Various Artists independent Film Festival

(Best TV/Web Series Pilots)

KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival

(Best Trailer)

Austin Indie Fest

(Best Sci-Fi)

Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival

(Best New Media, Best V.F.X. in New Media, Best V.F.X. in Short Film)

American Filmatic Arts Awards

(Best TV Pilot)

South Florida Web Festival

(Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi)

Mud Film Awards

(Best Trailer)

Hollyweb Festival

(Best V.F.X.)

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne

(Best Sci-Fi)

Elevation Indie Film Awards

The Pinnacle Award: Short (Brilliant production design, Stunning V.F.X.)

Changing Face International Film Festival

(Best Trailer, Best Web Series / TV Pilot)

Miami Web Series Festival

(Best TV Pilot, Best V.F.X.)

Mexico International Film Festival

(Golden Palm winner for Best TV Pilot)

Los Angeles Theatrical Release Competition & Awards

(Best Editor Short Film, Best Visual Effects Short Film)